Madass2.jpgMadass Trippers
September 07, 2011

Cooktown to the top of Queensland on a total of 28 Sachs Madass scooters. Not something you see everyday of the week.

LowResExpo.jpgSydney prepares for Scooter Expo
July 29, 2011

The Sydney Scooter Expo is coming soon, this year it's being run in conjunction with the National Scooter Rally.

sprite.jpgNew online home for Queensland dealer
June 22, 2011

Scoot2Commute, a leading retailer of scooters and commuter motorcycles in Queensland, launched a brand new customer-focused, interactive website this month.

536322-2011-vacc-safe-routes-scooter-rally-launch.11.jpgSafe Routes Scooter Rally
June 20, 2011

Victorian scooterists take note - the sixth annual Safe Routes Scooter Rally will take place on Sunday November 13 at Luna Park.

mojomotorbike.jpgSachs Bikes launch new learner legal motorcycle; the X-Road 250cc
January 14, 2011

Sachs Bikes, the German motorcycle and scooter manufacturer, have recently launched their new learner legal commuter motorcycle the 250cc X-Road.

scooter-main.jpgYour chance to win a one of five Sachs Amici's!
November 30, 2010

You could be riding a new Sachs Amici, Australia’s number one selling retro scooter, in an exciting new promotion between Sachs Bikes dealer Scooteria and Sydney’s World Square shopping centre.